About Me

Hi, I am Mellie from Ontario, Canada. I am a mom to a Youth with Severe Autism, the type of Autism many don’t talk about. I am Married, have 2 other children still living at home, 2 large and lively dogs, a robust senior Tabby cat, and our new addition a ginger kitten full of zeal.
Our life is in chaos most days but I think it is how you put it into perspective.
We have experienced great joy and sorrow with our journey parenting my youngest son. We need to talk about what happens after Early intervention ABA and the challenges you may face when your child is a youth with Autism.
I don’t want to forget our hardships but I certainly don’t want to forget the pure joy our family has experienced. I have been told our life is always chaotic, I don’t think it is much different than any other family, it may just be a little different. We do have a lot of chaos but without it, we would never live in Harmony.